Internet of Things Shit - Wifi Cutlery

Founded in 2016, ctlry.io brought its vision of smart cutlery to light with a Kickstarter that raised $500,000, against pundit's expectations.

The Kickstarter pitch boasted the cutlery's impressive features like "the smart algorithm will track your calories and macros", "bluetooth connectivity", and "precise tools that aid eating".

Two months after the company was kick-started, the Silicon Valley startup successfully raised $5M USD from investors to help develop wireless charging for the initial version.

The company managed to bring a product to market 3 months later, although many Kickstarter backers and consumer reports claimed the cutlery didn't work properly. In a statement released by the company, the CEO admitted the cutlery contained "some bugs", and the entire company was hurriedly working to release a firmware patch for cutlery v1 users. The company also published a guide that showed users how to restart their cutlery.

Unfortunately for ctlry.io, it turned out that no one really wanted their wifi cutlery. Just 6 months after launch, the startup had burned through most of the $5M USD and went into administration.

The wifi cutlery was ultimately sold for pennies on the dollar to a museum of digital history just outside of Silicon Valley.